Call For Volunteer Creative For DOOHgood Typhoon Help

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The video and images coming in from the Philippines show a staggering amount of destruction and misery. We had a big multi-national response when the tsunami hit Japan, and it would be terrific to once again see a similar response to this natural and truly nasty calamity.

First thing DOOHgood needs – and this has proven harder than it should be at times – is a 10 or 15-second spot pushing money to your national Red Cross organizations. We had numerous spots done for the tsunami, but getting ones done when twisters have hit the US midwest has been tougher.

Contact us if you can product something in support of relief efforts in the Philippines.

Photo: croixrougesuisse via Flickr.

East Africa Famine

The nightly newscasts are now regularly showing the impact of drought, civil unrest and a wicked cocktail of other issues that resulted in the worst humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa in a generation. Millions of people - children in particular - are starving.

DOOHgood has started working with humanitarian agencies specifically focused on getting food to those most in need. Digital Out Of Home network operators, as well as retail and private networks, can lend a hand in keeping awareness levels of the crisis top of mind by running spots.

The first of those spots - for a coalition of Canadian relief agencies - is now available for download. We are also working with US agencies and hope to have spots developed and available soon. DOOHgood is in need of a creative team to produce a spot for at least one agency, and we'd welcome any offers to help with a few free studio hours.

View The Humanitarian Coalition site here.

Digital Out Of Home Supports Relief Efforts


The Digital Out Of Home (or DOOH) industry is coordinating development and distribution of public service ads to help raise funds and sustain awareness for the victims of disasters around the world.

This site has been created as a central gathering and distribution point for high-quality motion media spots developed voluntarily by firms and individuals involved in the DOOH industry. There is no cost to use these spots, which are all intended to stimulate public giving.

You are welcome to download any of the files needed, and are free to use these on your DOOH or digital signage-driven screen network in your business or facility. All files are cleared of all copyrights, except where noted. The efforts have the approval of the organizations designated as recipients of any funds.

This archive is accessible to use as needed to upload finished files by creative groups who want to help, but we ask that you ensure the material is approved, free of any licensing or copyright issues, and contain no information indicating the content producer or other information that could be perceived as being done for the marketing benefit of entities other than the charity.

We welcome contributions from creative groups who have ad spots they'd like to contribute to the download archive. You can upload your files using YouSendIt, and the DOOHGood team will take it from there. Please let us know the name of your firm and please ensure any materials used have usage permissions. Video files should be 15s/30s and will conform where possible to the DP-AA content guidelines for resolution, bitrate and file type.

DOOH Network Operators

We need your help! Please select any of the PSAs on the video page and add them to your rotation over the next few weeks. And let us know on our response form if you have decided to add videos to your schedules. Click Here to submit your contact information.

Information will NOT be used for commercial purposes

DOOH Content Developers

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Red Cross Links

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